​Community Service (Liberia) Incorporated
PO Box 192 Inala Plaza QLD 4077 | 2 Armisfield Street, Doolandella QLD 4077
www.comslib.com.au | www.qams.org.au | www.qldschlunch.org 

Internal Job Vacancy Notice 
Position: Administrative Support Assistant

Business Names: 

Queensland Association for Multicultural Services (QAMS) > provides free lawn mowing services, Etcetera, to the Elderly and people with disabilities in South East Brisbane.
Queensland African Migrant Services (QAMS) > provides settlement services, Etcetera, to international students, migrants and refugees in South East Brisbane who have come to Brisbane and resided in Brisbane for less than five years.

Queensland School Lunch > runs a Co-Op Community Grocery Store for families, Pensioners, Single-mothers and Single-dads, and those receiving Centrelink Payments to enable them to recover from Covid Economic impact and Inflation as a result of Covid 19.


Covid 19 is history! The world economy is gradually taking its pre-Covid 19 shape, so the demand for services is also increasing. And Australia is a part of the Global economy, so too many front-line service providers like Community Service (Liberia) Incorporated have come under pressure for services that were provided pre-Covid 19 eras. Our partners demand our services, and our clients need support such as Free-Community Lawn Mowing, Gardening & Weeding, Housing Cleaning, Car-Washing, Laundry & Ironing for the Elderly and People living with disabilities in South East Brisbane, respectively. At the moment, our organization is unable to meet the demands of both our partners and clients and at the same time run the Queensland School Lunch - a Co-Op Community Grocery Shop that provides more than 50% discount on food, cleaning and personal products to families, residents, the elderly, students, unemployed, the pensions as well as single fathers and single mothers in South East Brisbane.

Given the above, Community Service (Liberia) Incorporated seeks a qualified team member passionate about providing front-line services within our organization, working with partners and delivering services to our clients. This position is being advertised internally to provide employment opportunities for volunteers who have previously volunteered with our partners, provided front-line services to clients and volunteered within our organization. The role is a full-time job, and the start date is 16 January 2023. The duration for this employment is two (2) years, subject to renewal based on satisfactory performance.

As a result of financial constraints during pre-Covid and immediately post-Covid, Community Service (Liberia) was constrained to maintain two full-time employees from 2019 to the present. This situation has made it difficult for employees to take their annual leaves. When employees are overworked and stressed productivity declines, and it can lead to some unexpected social problems that have the propensity to affect the growth and development of any organization. Community Service (Liberia), Incorporated is no exception. Therefore, the need for additional team members can't be overemphasized to all allow employees to take annual leave and have a day off from work.  

On the one hand, Community Service (Liberia) Incorporated workforce needs to be more. But, on the other hand, its activities are increasing that require additional employees (full-time, part-time and casual employees). The extra force will enable Community Service (Liberia) Incorporated to provide services to those in need in South East Brisbane.  

Lack of Pay-Leave
From January 2019 to 2023, Community Service (Liberia) Incorporated employees have yet to have the opportunity to take a Pay-Leave due to the lack of employees to fill in the gap if any of the two permanent full-time employees were to take a leave. Therefore, Community Service (Liberia) Incorporated has decided to address the lack of pay-leave in 2023 so that employees can have a day off from work in 2023 and in 2024, introduce pay-leave opportunities to employees.

Post-Covid 19 has brought a vast Skilled-gab into the economy for many front-line Community-Based Organizations (CBOs). And for the kind of service such as but not limited to Lawn Mowing, Gardening & Weeding, Outreach Community Services at its Co-Op Grocery Shop, Community Service (Liberia) Incorporated needs not just additional employees but also skilled workers to close the Skilled-gab that the organization is currently experiencing since the outbreak of Covid 19.

Low Unemployment Rate
The Covid 19 Pandemic has introduced a new socioeconomic phenomenon that has reduced the unemployment rate to 3.5%. This socioeconomic phenomenon points to the fact that fewer people are looking to work. The 3.5% unemployment rate has exposed our organization to needing more qualified employees that can be recruited to deliver effective and efficient services to our clients.  

Limited Volunteers
As the cost of living expenses increase due to Inflation, those who Community Service (Liberia) Incorporated used to ask to volunteer are no longer available. Post-Covid 19 volunteers are now engaged with multiple jobs to make ends meet. Therefore, the spirit of community volunteering is gradually losing its momentum among the youths, young adults and mature residents of South East Brisbane. Therefore, there are limited volunteers, so we have to hire employees to fill the workforce gab left behind due to limited volunteers in South East Brisbane.

Business Address:  2 Armisfield Street, Doolandella, QLD 4077    
Business ABN:  65 263 579 420   
Contact Person Name: Simeon Sebastian Kormon  | Position: Executive Director
Mobile Phone Number:  04 6970 5352 | 04 6903 5130 | Office Phone Number: 07 3278 8312
Postal Address:  192 Inala Plaza, Inala, QLD 4077 
Position Advertised:  Administrative Support Assistant
The Administrative Support Staff will perform the following key roles: serve as a Salesperson on agreed days arranged by the Administrative Manager. Perform domestic services to clients upon request within the following suburbs: Inala, Forest Lake, Durack, Rocklea, Moorooka, Pallara, Richland, Oxley, Algester, Doolandella, Ellen Grove, Acacia Ridge, and Heathwood. They shall assist and collect supplies from Foodbank Warehouse and deliver them at 2 Armisfield Street, Doolandella.
This position involves but is not limited to the following:

Transporting goods from the Foodbank warehouse to the Co-Op Grocery Store.
Also, providing marketing and advertising the organization's services on all Social Media platforms.
Providing Lawn Mowing Services to the Elderly and People Living with Disabilities in Brisbane
We are assisting with sales and supervising fundraiser activities.
Managing & warehousing of goods, re-stocking, and rubbish disposal
Pricing of goods and customer service
Pricing of goods and removing expired goods from the shelves  



Academic: Bachelor of Arts Degree
Work Experience: 12 Months or more
Skills: Must have served as a supervisor and/or assisting manager for at least three to six months.

Must submit an application on or before the deadline: 25 January 2023
Must submit a Resume of not more than less than three (3) pages and not more than five (5) pages
Must sit a scheduled interview
Must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident
Must have lived in Queensland for more than five (5) years
Must have a volunteering record for more than six (6) months
Must have supervised more than five (5) employees in the previous workplace
Must have had 12 months of full-time work experience

Employment Period: 
Full-Time 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM (8 Hours) 
Duration: 12 Months 
Start Date: Wednesday, 1 February 2023  
End Date: Thursday, 31 January 2023 and renewal base on satisfactory performance.
Days:  Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays & Sundays
Service Hours:
Total Hours 35 hours per week     Fortnight Wage After Tax: 70 Hours x $24.75 = $1,732.50
Hourly wage $24.75 (After Tax) Income Tax: To be calculated on Net Wage of $1,732.50
Plus Superannuation 9.5% This to be determined after Income Tax Calculation 

Summary of Workstations      Major activities at these Workstations

One: Foodbank Morningside > Transporting goods from Foodbank Queensland.

Two: 2 Armisfiled Street, Doolandella, QLD 4077 > Sales, marketing, and customer-related services. 

Three: Bunning Warehouse > Organizing & Supervising fundraising activities.

Four:     Field work/Community > Support the Elderly/People living with disabilities.

Five: BCC’s Rubbish Center > To dispose recycle waist and non-recycle waist  

Brief History

Community Service (Liberia) Incorporated is a multi-national Community-Based Organization(CBO). The organization was established on 16 May 2013 in Brisbane. The organization is self-funded by its "Asset-Based Community Development" (ABCD) initiatives. Our organization work with the community, not for the community. Community Service (Liberia) Incorporated primary objective is to create a multicultural environment among migrants, refugees, and Aboriginal and Mainstream Australians. The organization's secondary goal is to share the Spirit of Australia as well as provide a platform for Australia's acceptable behaviour to flourish among migrants and refugees children from conflict backgrounds. Community Service (Liberia) Incorporated was founded by Simeon Sebastian Kormon in 2013, an Australian Development Scholarship (ADS) Masters of Development Practice (Advanced) Awardee who is serving as its President/CEO. The organization's Co-founders are Jacob Hallie Lendin and Korpo Deddeh Tulay Kormon.  

Volunteering and volunteering is one of the critical pathways to gaining employment in Community Service (Liberia) Incorporated. Our organization helps volunteers to fully understand what we do, how we do it and to whom services are rendered. By volunteering, you are not just assisting us to achieve our goals but becoming a part of a larger multicultural community in Australia. Volunteering provides a 60% point on our employment scale of 100 Points, and work experience (20%) and academic qualification(20%). Our organization promotes multiculturalism, inclusiveness and cohesion in South East Brisbane, which enables community spirit. And volunteering gives preference to those who have volunteered before, are currently not employed, and are looking for a job.
I (Simeon Sebastian Kormon), President & CEO of Community Service (Liberia) Incorporated, is authorized to create job vacancies, determine wages and qualifications for jobs, advertise job vacancies for the recruitment of staff to work for and, on behalf of the organization, but does not take full responsibility of hiring a staff that bears any conflict of interest. Therefore, the recruitment of staff for, and on behalf of the organization is done by a decision of three senior managers if there is a conflict of interest directly associated with the President/CEO of Community Service (Liberia) Incorporated. In case of a conflict of interest, the hiring and recruitment team shall be comprised of the following officer bearers: treasurer, Secretary, President/CEO and director.    Community Service (Liberia) Incorporated