Account Title: QAMS  Australia
BSB: 014202 ‚Äč    Account Number: 299 270 776

Lawn Mowing 

Bank: ANZ Bank

Online Application Form
Online Application Form

Do you know any Elderly or Disabled person who needs help with law mowing? Please contact them to fill in the Form below:

The Queensland African Migrant Services (QAMS) is a local Non-Governmental Organisation that is based in Queensland. Our organisation has seen the need to give back our community by mowing the lawn of elderly and/or disable persons in the month of December 2017.

The above initiative is designed to provide employment opportunities for youths who will be on school holidays. The project is free-of-charge for the beneficiaries, but we also accept donations in kind and cash which will enable us to provide services to others who are in need.

In view of the above, we will highly appreciate were you to provide us with names, phone numbers and physical address of elderly and/or disable persons that you think is in need of such assistance from QAMS. 

Below is a list of lawn mowing equipment and personal protective gears that you can donate. Please check at the bottom of this page.

For more details, please contact

Jacob Hallie Lendin


M.: 04 0230 3460 | P.: 07 3278 8312


Upon Arrival 

Youths Serving as a bridge between the Elderly and Disabled in our community

After Lawn Mowing

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